Big South Announces Women's Indoor Track & Field All-Decade Teams


CHARLOTTE, N.C. ( – As part of the Big South’s 30th Anniversary celebration in 2013-14, the Conference is announcing its first-ever All-Decade Teams to recognize the student-athletes and coaches who excelled in their respective sport since the Conference’s founding in 1983.  A committee of Big South Conference administrators served as the official voting panel to determine the All-Decade Teams, with fan voting comprising 20 percent of the overall total.

Below are the All-Decade Teams for Women’s Indoor Track & Field for the years 1997-99 and 2000-09.  Women’s Indoor Track & Field became a Conference sport in 1997-98, and the team features eight (8) sprinters, eight (8) distance runners, eight (8) jumpers, four (4) throwers, two (2) pentathletes (2000-09 only) and one (1) head coach.  In case of ties, additional honorees are included.

Event – Name, School (Notes)
S – Tosha Ansley, Charleston Southern (2-time Champion, 2-time All-Conference (hurdles))
S – Holly Deem, Liberty (2-time All-Conference (400m, hurdles))
S – Wendy Heath, Liberty (All-Conference (hurdles))
S – Orinthia Jones, UMBC (Champion (400m))
S – Shashonda Lane, Coastal Carolina (2-time All-Conference (60m, hurdles))
S – Angie Lanier, Winthrop (2-time Champion, 4-time All-Conference (55m, 60m, 200m))
S – Kareshia Prioleau, Winthrop (3-time Champion, 4-time All-Conference (200m, 400m, 55m))
S – Jaquay Reid, Liberty (All-Conference (400m))
D – Danielle Barajas, Charleston Southern (2-time All-Conference (3,000m, 5,000m))
D – Mandy Becker, UNC Asheville (4-time All-Conference (mile, 3,000m, 5,000m))
D – Beth Greene, Winthrop (2-time All-Conference (800m))
D – Angela Murphy, Coastal Carolina (Champion, 2-time All-Conference (800m, mile))
D – Laurie Occhipinti, Coastal Carolina (Champion, 2-time All-Conference (5,000m, 3,000m))
D – Amy Teer, Liberty (Champion, 6-time All-Conference (800m, mile))
D – Becky Vonderhaar, UNC Asheville (Champion, 2-time All-Conference (5,000m, 3,000m))
D – Jolene Williams, Coastal Carolina (All-American, 6-time Champion, 6-time All-Conference (mile, 3,000m, 5,000m))
J – Tosha Ansley, Charleston Southern (2-time Champion, 4-time All-Conference (long jump, triple jump))
J – April Cook, Coastal Carolina (All-Conference (high jump))
J – Wendy Heath, Liberty (Champion (high jump))
J – Shashonda Lane, Coastal Carolina (Champion, 5-time All-Conference (long jump, triple jump))
J – Angie Lanier, Winthrop (Champion (long jump))
J – Danielle Leyh, Coastal Carolina (All-Conference (high jump))
J – Liz Robertson, Liberty (3-time Champion, 4-time All-Conference (pole vault))
J – Kenisha Smith, Charleston Southern (All-Conference (triple jump))
J – Amy Sturgill, Liberty (Champion, 2-time All-Conference (triple jump))
T – Krista Davis, Charleston Southern (All-Conference (shot put))
T – Vicki Giacone, UMBC (Champion, 2-time All-Conference (shot put, weight throw))
T – Liz Pidgeon, Coastal Carolina (3-time Champion, 4-time All-Conference (weight throw, shot put))
T – Amy Rodriguez, Liberty (2-time All-Conference (shot put, weight throw))

Head Coach, School (Notes)
Brant Tolsma, Liberty (2 Championships [1998-99])

Event – Name, School (Notes)
S – Octavia Goode, Winthrop (6-time Champion, 8-time All-Conference (60m, 200m))
S – Tanya Harris, UNC Asheville (2-time Champion, 5-time All-Conference (400m, 200m))
S – Chasity Johnson, Coastal Carolina (3-time Champion, 7-time All-Conference (200m, 60m))
S – Danielle McNaney, Liberty (2-time Champion, 3-time All-Conference (hurdles))
S – Kodi Pollard, Liberty (2-time Champion, 5-time All-Conference (200m, 400m))
S – LeAuna Sistrunk, Coastal Carolina (2-time Champion, 4-time All-Conference (hurdles))
S – Kia Westbrook, High Point (2-time Champion, 4-time All-Conference (400m, 200m))
S – Amber White, Coastal Carolina (2-time Champion, 4-time All-Conference (400m, 200m))
S – Arlene Zelinskas, Liberty (2-time Champion, 3-time All-Conference (hurdles))
D – Sumiyya Hunter, High Point (2-time Champion, 5-time All-Conference (800m, mile))
D – Carol Jefferson, Liberty (2-time Champion, 6-time All-Conference (5,000m, 3,000m))
D – Kara Koppel, Coastal Carolina (Champion, 5-time All-Conference (3,000m, 5,000m, mile))
D – Micki Logue, UNC Asheville (Champion, 3-time All-Conference (3,000m, mile))
D – Felicitas Mensing, Coastal Carolina (3-time Champion, 5-time All-Conference (3,000m, mile, 5,000m))
D – Anne Marie Moutsinga, Coastal Carolina (6-time Champion, 9-time All-Conference (3,000m, 5,000m, mile))
D – Heather Sagan, Liberty (National Champion, All-American, 6-time Champion, 6-time All-Conference (mile, 800m))
D – Jaime Watson, Liberty 2-time (Champion, 3-time All-Conference (800m))
J – Kelli Barber, Charleston Southern (2-time Champion, 3-time All-Conference (high jump))
J – Shemelia Brandon, Radford (4-time Champion, 8-time All-Conference (long jump, triple jump))
J – Kena Butts, Liberty (5-time Champion, 5-time All-Conference (high jump, long jump))
J – Chasity Johnson, Coastal Carolina (All-American, 7-time Champion, 9-time All-Conference (triple jump, long jump, high jump)
J – Courtney Samuel, Coastal Carolina (5-time Champion, 9-time All-Conference (triple jump, high jump, long jump))
J – Marilyn Testa, Coastal Carolina (2-time Champion, 3-time All-Conference (pole vault))
J – Marcie Veitch, Coastal Carolina (Champion, 4-time All-Conference (pole vault))
J – Andrea Wildrick, Liberty (All-American, 2-time Champion, 4-time All-Conference (pole vault))
T – Amber Campbell, Coastal Carolina (3-time All-American, 7-time Champion, 8-time All-Conference (weight throw, shot put))
T – Mildred Cooper, VMI Champion, (3-time All-Conference (shot put, weight throw))
T – Jocelyn Davis, Charleston Southern (Champion, 3-time All-Conference (shot put, weight throw))
T – Tiffany Evans, Radford (All-American, 6-time Champion, 8-time All-Conference (shot put, weight throw))
PENT – Marie Williams, Liberty (2-time Champion, 2-time All-Conference)
PENT – Arlene Zelinskas, Liberty (Champion, 2-time All-Conference)

Head Coach, School (Notes)
Alan Connie, Coastal Carolina (5 Championships [2004-06-07-08-09], 7-time Coach of the  Year)

Women’s Indoor Track & Field All-Decade Team candidates were determined based on being at least one of the following: 1) Was a multi-year All-Conference honoree in one or more event; 2) Was named an All-American; 3) Is a member of the Big South Conference Hall of Fame; 4) Student-athletes must be a college graduate or left their respective institution in good academic standing; 5) Won a Conference Championship as a coach and/or was voted Conference Coach of the Year; and 6) Outstanding Performers and every All-Conference honoree were among the candidate pool for the 1997-99 All-Decade Teams.  Candidates that participated in two different decades were placed in a specific decade based on consultation from member institutions.  Member institutions also had final determination in regards to inclusion of student-athletes and coaches.

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